She should not have left herself logged in…

Hi everybody! 

I’ve decided to talk about my kids. 

Let’s start with Emily: 

She is always helpful with George, she doesn’t make me cringe when she practiced her viola.  But I wish she had more of a social life.  She’s always at home, reading stupid books about vampires over and over again. 

Now Sam,

he is starting to be a man of good charachter like i wanted him to. He is so helpful during the day with george. He is so nice with his youger siblings,and he has an unqucnchable thrist for learning. And a big nose.  And he doens’t like deoderant, so he used Ax and it makes the bathroom smell funky. 

Brian never helps do chores.  He’s always busy watching TV across the street.  And he doesn’t know how to turn the oven on… kids these days.   But he is a sweet kid.

Danny is loud.  He always wants his siblings to stop doing their important activities and help him play Zoo Tycoon, his favorite computer game. 

George is… a baby.  He spits up and hates peas+carrots baby food. 

JUIST KIDDING!  This is Sam and Emily, and we don’t think that about any of our siblings.  We love them.  But mom, it’s probably a good idea to log yourself out next time. 



3 thoughts on “She should not have left herself logged in…

  1. I think Sam and Emily have future careers as hackers.

    They just need to notice that their mom always uses correct capitalization and punctuation — then they could fool everybody!

  2. that was the funniest thing i’ve read in a week, thank you! i love you kids, even though i get to see you about once every 24 months, and i love your mother with my whole heart. the first one to get a driver’s license and get the family up to nashville wins a free puppy, courtesy of ME. 😀

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