I think it’s Wednesday…. (day 7)

and three children go back to school school today after a four day weekend.  

First, status report from yesterday:  Latin YES, Caribou Coffee YES, Violin YES, Voting YES, Throw ups NO.  And the cooler fairy saved the day, everything still tastes like orange juice right after you brush your teeth, but the pot roast, potatoes, vegetables, everything smelled so darn good last night that I had seconds even, and this morning I feel like that good nutrition has perhaps started me on a little bit of healing?  We’ll see how the day goes.

Today – I’m going to have my first try since chemo started with walking Danny (along with Brian, Sam and George) to school.  If all else fails, Danny can walk and I’ll go in the Violetmobile.  Then Sam and I can start our school week, Geometry, Western Civilization and Famous Men of Rome for the morning, science  and Latin this afternoon. 

But before that, about the title of my blog – way before the cancer, the baby with Downs, the homeschool adventure (and all those other things that people specifically blog about) I had great intentions of having a beautiful knitting/spinning blog like so many of my friends do, to share my art and ideas, and to sort of keep track of my progress.   So now, when my purpose is more communication about life in general around here, perhaps the name isn’t so suitable… although I doubt that anybody is going to be really bothered if I figure out how to do one of those fancy sidebar things with photos of my fiber work. 

Why spinning?  It’s just a good thing in my life.  I’m a tactile/sensory sort of person, and nothing in the world except maybe newborn skin feels as nice as superfine unspun cashmere… or a handspun skein of baby alpaca…. and unlike knitting, which you can stop and start after little bits of time, to successfully spin you have to get into a consistent rhythm, and maintain your focus (or lack thereof) for consolidated blocks.  It therefore becomes very peaceful time, very prayerful time…. and in a household where almost everything else I do gets immediately undone (think tidied kitchen, laundry, etc), seeing a steady buildup of finely spun yarn on the bobbin (where it’s going to stay there, stay DONE until I say so 🙂 is awfully satisfying.

2 thoughts on “I think it’s Wednesday…. (day 7)

  1. I’m so gald you can update us this way! I find blogging theraputic and maybe you will too. Glad things are tasting better, sounds like you are slowly getting more energy! Yeah!

  2. OK spinning is totally appropriate on so many levels. I just thought you liked spinning classes, as in, at the gym. But spinning yarn is so much more you!!
    Also as your life keeps spinning out of control you are the strong person that finds your center and just lets it “keep on SPINNING”. Despite anything you and your family go through together you are the core and make sure your values are not compromised. I admire you and love you. Your blog is great.
    Glad you can eat something. As always you are in our thoughts and prayers.

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